N e w k e y  E s t h e t i c s  a n d  W e l l n e s s
I love the private salon setting and the one on one attention I was given.  It was a great break from the fast pace.  Antoinette truly worked with my lifestyle to recommend and execute not only a hairstyle, and skin care regimen, but relaxation and life change techniques that have absolutely changed my life!  She helped me feel beautiful inside and out!  I would recommend Newkey Esthetics to anyone!
--  K.S.  Malta, NY   

Best facial I EVER HAD! 
  -- B.P.
 Schenectady, NY

Beauty is Holistic ...

Newkey Esthetics is a division  of Newkey Media Solutions,  owned and operated by the VP/CFO, Antoinette Di Mascio.  After  20 years as a licensed professional in the Beauty industry, Ms. Di Mascio can bring a new level of experience to her craft. From 15 years of marketing, building a media business and driving the work Newkey Media accomplished with corporate brands, Antoinette understands the importance of balance and self care that need to be taken in order to succeed and be at your peak creative potential in business or everyday life. As a certified Yoga instructor / Yoga Therapist in training and herbalist, her belief in natural beauty and client offerings are further enhanced by her  current pursuit of Ayurvedic medicine.

Newkey Esthetics strives to provide holistic and compassionate state-of the-art services that are performed to accentuate the inner and outer natural beauty in all clients.  Antoinette works with the natural texture of the hair and recommends and treats skin according to lifestyle and personal goals.  Other Holistic Healing Arts services are provided such as Reiki, Reflexology, Yoga  and Aromatherapy. Most of the products used in her services are organic and contain minimal chemicals.

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